Carlota Jardí

Barcelona, 1960.

Graduate in Arts by the Universitat Central of Barcelona.Arts studies in Massana Arts School and Eina School in Barcelona.

Lives and works in Penedes since 2006

Work in various private collection in Catalonia, Spain, France,Austria, Hungary and China.

Exhibitions (1992-2014)

Dama Art Gallery (Tarragona, Catalonia)

12 Bis Art Gallery (Vilafranca, Catalonia )

Palma XII Art Gallery (Vilafranca, Catalonia)

Pèrgamon Art Gallery (Barcelona, Catalonia)

Gábor Nemes Art Gallery (Budapest, Hungary)

Els Trinitaris Gallery (Vilafranca, Catalonia)

Greca Art Gallery (Barcelona, Catalonia).

Govern d’Andorra Art Gallery (Andorra)

Fontana d’Or Art Gallery (Girona, Catalonia)

Art Gallery Bergara (Barcelona, Catalonia)

Space Belleville (Montpellier, France)

Can Felipa Art Gallery (Barcelona, Catalonia)

Galerie L'art pour l'art (Lyon, França)

Galeria Esther Montoriol (Barcelona, Catalonia)